Welcome to The Oasis

He also can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water! He can make springs flow into desert lands and turn them into fertile valleys...

                                     Psalm 107:35-36 TPT


Why The Oasis?

The Oasis offers Spirit-filled worship and study opportunities to the precious women of Lowell Correctional Institute - a place that can feel to some like a desert wasteland. Our goal is to create an oasis - a place of refreshing - where the chains of shame, trauma, and hopelessness can be broken by the transforming presence of Jesus.  


Pray for Us. Volunteer. Give Financially.

Prayer is the foundation for life changing ministry. Join us in praying for the women of Lowell to open their hearts, the Department of Corrections to open their doors, and for volunteers to step forward with time and treasure in support of this mission. Pray for open heavens over Lowell so that the perfect freedom of living in Christ will be made manifest in the lives of the women.  

Volunteer opportunities are available both inside the prison as well as on the outside. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out a "contact us" form.

We rely on support from churches and individuals in order to bring life-changing ministry to the  women of Lowell Correctional Institute. Click on the Give Now Button at the top to find out how to be a part of this exciting adventure.